Rust (corrosion of metal from exposure to air and moisture) is simply astonishing. Its presence suggests neglect or stagnation, but I’ve been using it to dye fabric for over a year now, and my fascination with the process continues to deepen. With each new type of fiber I test, different colors and textures emerge depending on a lot of elements: weather conditions, type of metal, strength and type of tannic acid (did I mention the alchemical reaction when introducing a mordant to the rust?), and, of course, type of fiber (cellulose or protein). I’m really captivated by it. It’s not so easy to work with, either. Let a piece cure too long and the fabric will weaken and begin to disintegrate. Each type of material has its own cure time and since the duration varies based on aforementioned factors, it can be a bit nerve-racking. Even so, I see a lot of rust in my future.